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I confess: I’m an absolute adrenaline junkie. It might not seem that way, but get to know me, and you’ll start to notice. It’s hard to explain, but I feel particularly good when there’s adrenaline flowing through my system.

I was really hyper as a kid, but I guess I calmed down (and I mean really calmed down) around the end of elementary school/beginning of middle school. Still, sports was one way to get that rush.

The high I get from being utterly exhausted after intense basketball games or swim practices is a feeling sublime. There’s a noticeable buzz in my head, and I feel my senses going into overdrive.

I was never the one to shy away from what some would consider “risky.” From charging full speed down hills and leaning into turns on my bicycle to jumping off mini-cliffs into rapids to riding any and all rollercoasters I can get a hold of, I just love adventure.

It must be the increased heart rate, or the flight-or-fight response, or the breaking out in cold sweat. Forget about biology or chemistry – whatever it is, it feels good.

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