Out of the Fire

Today is Thursday, September 30, and I’m happy to say that things are good. The ABA event on Tuesday that my co-chair and I had been planning  turned out very well. And on Wednesday, my team won a case competition that we had been working on the past two weeks.

I’ve noticed something about good outcomes. It seems that the best outcomes always require that you go through hell and back.

It’s hard to describe, but you experience this moment when you feel the weight of everything slowly collapse around you. And you ask yourself, “Why is this happening?” or “Why me?”

It’s when you go through these moments that the end success feels much sweeter. You look back, and in hindsight, things didn’t go smoothly the entire time, but things turned out really well in the end.

What I’m trying to say is that I’m glad to finally be out of the fire. I know that I’m still not off the hook, that I have many more challenges to get through in a tough school year.

Whether it’s the upcoming Haas applications, or just balancing life, school, and clubs in general, I’m looking forward to more challenges, more difficulties, because I know that success is never just smooth sailing in a calm ocean.

The boat will rock, and the sooner you accept it and take steps to overcome it, the sooner you’ll be successful in life. Just some of my thoughts.

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  1. September 30, 2010
    • September 30, 2010

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