Nap Time Revisited

For the first time this semester, I napped on the grass at Sproul today. A year ago, I used to take naps, read, eat, and chill on Sproul. As my freshman year took off, I gradually had less and less time to stop for a moment to rest.

I decided to nap at Sproul again today because I had a thirty-minute break in between my classes. Since it would take me about ten minutes to get back to my apartment, I decided that napping on campus was the more effective thing to do.

And I am so glad that I did. I had forgotten just how wonderful naps were outdoors. The cool grass, sweeping breeze, and warm sun combined to make this one of the best naps I’ve had in a long time.

The best part? My ten minute nap felt like hours. And I didn’t even need music this time – the background sounds of midday Sproul were enough to lull me to sleep.

Looking forward to napping here on a weekly basis.

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