Food Spotlight | The Cheeseboard Pizza Collective

Ah. The Cheeseboard. Among the titans of good restaurants in the Berkeley area. Synonymous with amazing pizza. Four and a half stars on Yelp over 1500 reviews. This would be the place to stop by and grab lunch if you were to visit Berkeley for a day.

Which is what my friends Tim, Josh, John, and Robert from church did several weeks ago. So naturally, we decided to try some fresh and delicious thin crust pizza before they headed back to the Pizza Huts and Dominoes of Southern California.

The Cheeseboard is a worker-owned collective, which means that everyone working there owns an equal amount of the business, quite a rarity in business these days.

But that’s not all. The restaurant bakes one type of pizza, always with unique, vegetarian toppings, throughout the day. The pizza is always fresh from the oven, and any extra slices from previous batches are cut up into small pieces and “gifted” with your order.

There’s usually a jazz band playing around peak hours, and boy, does the place get packed fast. Sitting in the restaurant, sipping IBC Root Beer, munching on salivating pizza, and enjoying the music wafting over from the other end of the room was an experience to remember.

This place is good, and this place is a must-eat in Berkeley. I’ve been raving so much about The Cheeseboard that I almost forgot to add in the picture:

Domi-what? at

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