What’s Up | 08/29/10

Awesome first week of school last week. So many things going on – classes, ABA, IV, Gracepoint, The Daily Cal. It’s good to be back in the rhythm again, after a summer of relaxation. Just looking at the clubs tabling on Sproul Plaza makes me excited for the fall.

I’m liking my classes so far. I’m taking Economics 1, Political Science 1, Development Studies C10, and UGBA 105 (Organizational Behavior). I had Econ discussion, Poli Sci lecture, and Development Studies lecture last week.

Econ discussion was dumb because we had to attend the first week, and classes usually never have discussions the first week. We took a ten minute quiz and the GSI spent the next 40 minutes reading from his syllabus.

Poli Sci lecture was slightly better, but only because our professor didn’t show up and the GSI dismissed us within 20 minutes after handing out the syllabus.

Development Studies seems the most promising of my classes thus far. The professor is funny, interesting, and very, very passionate. Makes sense, since this is Berkeley and the course studies Third World countries. I’ve definitely heard good things about the class, so I’m looking forward to this one.

I’m still working for The Daily Cal. We finally have a new and complete sales team. Last week, I finished up on selling ad space for our biggest issue of the year, the monstrous 32 page Fall Orientation issue.

I also participated on a scavenger hunt contest for The Daily Cal called “The Keys to Berkeley”, running around Berkeley for two and a half hours with my roommates collecting stamps from random businesses. Our hard work paid off because we each walked away with awesome prizes.

ABA has been off to a good start. We’re prepping for our First General Meeting, and we’ve been doing a lot of promoting the event through tabling, handbilling, fliering, and chalking. Can’t wait for the start of Fall 2010 ABA!

Calapalooza was on Thursday, and tons of clubs were out on Lower Sproul, recruiting new students and giving away lots of freebies. There were tons of people, the most I’ve seen in Lower Sproul, a usually sparsely-populated section of Berkeley.

Makes me happy that Fall semester is off to a rolling start.

Here’s to an awesome semester at randomtidbitsofthought.wordpress.com.

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