You Know It’s the Start of Fall Semester At Cal When…

You know it’s fall semester at Cal when…

1. Packs of freshmen can be seen in a mile-wide radius of all the dorms.

2. Parents (of the freshmen) outnumber the students on the streets.

3. The Asian Ghetto is completely packed with students…and parents.

4. Traffic stretches down Piedmont, College, Telegraph, and pretty much any other paved road in Berkeley.

5. Frats throw parties on Sunday. And Monday. And Tuesday. You get the idea.

6. It’s no longer 60 degrees the entire day when it’s supposed to be “summer” weather.

7. Classes are no longer in three hour blocks.

8. Banks have their stands of freebies out, luring students to waste even more money.

9. Facebook event invites take up an entire page, with no end in sight.

10. You stock up on coffee, Red Bull, and/or lots and lots of candy. You know, for those late nights. Good times.

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