Food Spotlight | Sake Sushi

I’ll admit it. I’ve been neglecting my Food Spotlight posts for quite some time. I don’t think I’ve ever gone more than two days without posting one up, let alone a week.

But this doesn’t mean I haven’t been eating at new places. In fact, I’ve been eating at a ton of awesome restaurants, both in NorCal and SoCal. The top part of my desktop is filled with pictures of food.

Okay, so in getting back on track, I want to introduce to you guys a family favorite. Sake Sushi is located in Walnut, right across from Mt. San Antonio College (aka UC Walnut).

The restaurant itself is nondescript and hidden away in the shopping center, but as we’ve discovered, serves surprisingly tasty sushi and bento boxes, at great prices.

My usual order is a three item combination bento: teriyaki chicken, teriyaki beef, and crunch roll. Never fails to disappoint. Everything was fresh, and the portions were decent.

Another family favorite dish: baked lobster roll, melted in butter. True heart attack in a roll.

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