OC County Fair

Some of my high school friends were hanging out at my place today when we spontaneously decided to visit the OC County Fair. Admission was only ten bucks, plus it was the last day of the fair and we had nothing else better to do, so went with it.

It’s been probably 8-9 years since I’ve been to a county fair. The OC Fair was packed with people, rides, sights, and sounds. Definitely a lot more interesting than I remembered.

We bought our ticket cards – 10 points for $5. We figured we could get on a few rides and play some carnival games. We were dead wrong.

Walking up to an interesting thrill ride called Tango, I spotted the price – 9 points. Wow. We walked around some more. Most of the rides were 7 points, with some costing up to 15 points to ride once.

They probably jacked up the prices since it was the last day, so I decided to use up my points for Tango. It was a great ride, spinning you 360 degrees while rotating in the air. Felt like I was tumbling while falling. Thrilling.

We stopped by the food area after. I was tempted to get something from the famous Heart Attack Cafe. Deep fried stick of butter, anyone? Instead of risking massive stomachaches/heart attacks, I took the safe route and bought a footlong western sausage.

We walked around the fair, stopping at the game booths spending whatever we had left. My friends Tim, Chris, and Dillon each spent their points at different game booths, winning some prizes.

Soon, we were out of the park. Even though everything was overpriced (to be expected), and we spend about $10 on food and rides, we had a pretty awesome time. Fairs are just so festive, and I look forward to going to another one next time.

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