Food Spotlight | La Val’s Pizza

I was at Berkeley’s North Side the other day around lunch time, and I decided to stop by one of the more well-known restaurants there for some food.

La Val’s Pizza is a household name in the Berkeley area, and has been serving great pizza for many years.

Even though North Side has taken a hit in recent years with a lot of businesses closing down, La Val’s is still pretty packed during the lunch hour. And it’s pretty obvious why.

Cue the La Val’s Special, “mini” size for $5.19 with free soda. This pizza was far from mini. And the greasy, multi-ingredient pizza was a delight to the taste buds, exactly what a good pizza should be.

With typical food prices running around $6-$7 a meal at Berkeley, this was a deal. And that’s why I would recommend La Val’s. Great food at a great price.

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