Food Spotlight | Cactus Taqueria

Fun fact of the day. The type of burritos at Chipotle originated in the Bay Area. Called San Francisco burritos, these burritos are characterized by large flour tortillas with lots of ingredients and wrapped with aluminum foil.

Berkeley and SF have tons of restaurants that serve these burritos. Each place usually has a signature taste or style, and people can be fiercely loyal to a certain taqueria.

Cactus Taqueria is located near the end of College Avenue, in the nicer part of Oakland, and serves delicious SF burritos. I ordered a pollo asado, which also came with chips.

The place had bright, colorful decor, and I especially liked the variety of salsa at the salsa bar. The burrito was spot-on – I left feeling full and satisfied. I’ll probably have a few other taquerias posted throughout the year.

Dance the salsa at

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