There rarely comes a time when I can just walk away from a movie theater, speechless and amazed. Tonight was one of those nights. I’d just finished watching Christopher Nolan’s new movie Inception, and I have to say it was one of the best movies I’ve seen.

At the start of the movie, I needed to go to the restroom. Well, by the end of the movie, I still hadn’t gone, and judging on comments heard from others walking out from the movie, they hadn’t, either.

I don’t want to talk much about the plot, because that’s for you to find out. But I will say that Nolan’s genius and creativity really shines in this film, from beginning to end.

Inception was a mix of action, drama, sci-fi, thriller, even comedy, all rolled into one. I experienced a full spectrum of emotions throughout, and the developments, the plot twists, the visuals, and the story itself left me beyond amazed.

I believe that this film will go on to be considered one of the greats, and will definitely cement Nolan as one of the elite directors, if he hasn’t been seen this way already.

Be warned, the story is first pretty confusing, but everything fits together seamlessly, piece by piece. Actually, the entire length of the movie was definitely an exercise of the brain.

Di Caprio and the rest of the cast were stellar, and I can just go on and on about this movie. But now I need to take a walk or something to clear my thoughts, so I’ll just leave you with this: watch this movie. You will not be disappointed.

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