What’s Up | 07/16/10

I’ve had a pretty busy but fun week. Media Studies and Marketing are in full swing. I actually have homework every night now, and it’s no longer taking half an hour to do.

For Marketing, we have lecture and discussions everyday. We’re expected to read over a Harvard-level marketing case every day and come to class prepared to discuss it. The hard part is that it’s so early in the morning, so I’ve resumed my coffee habit on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays.

Media Studies marked an interesting week. We studied advertisements, and the psychology and emotional background behind many modern day ads. Very interesting stuff, and subjects that got me interested in the field of marketing in the first place thanks to Ryan’s AP Lang class senior year.

Both classes are surprisingly complementing each other very well. Marketing provides the practical, fundamental side of advertisements, and Media Studies involves the theoretical, emotional side of ads. You know you chose the right classes to take when you can apply the things you learned in one class and compare it to material in the other class.

I’m finishing up on the Press Pass discount cards for The Daily Californian. We got quite a few more advertisers on board this week, thankfully, and I’ve been working on the field every day, biking around local businesses and talking to the managers about our offers.

Next week will be a hell week for me. I’m going to write down the major things that I need to do next week, not only to tell you guys, but also to get my mental checklist out in words. I find it better to write down things to complete – it helps me to relax and take on one thing at a time. Here goes.

Tomorrow – meet up with case group for most of day. Discuss and prepare case. Stop by some client restaurants to pick up payment for The Daily Cal.

Tuesday – four page paper due for Media Studies.

Thursday – Marketing midterm, chapters 1-8. Present marketing case to class.

All the days in between, I will be busy with work, homework, group work, and studying. Looking forward to next Thursday.

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