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This is why I love WordPress. Apart from the awesome and simple-to-use user interface, I constantly see WordPress updates from my news feed, with new features and themes that make the blogging experience much more enjoyable for the blogger.

When WordPress went down a few weeks ago, only a relatively small portion of the community was affected. But WordPress still chose to send everyone a letter outlining the exact problems, what they were doing to fix it, and apologizing for any inconvenience.

This is what makes any company great. Openness and communication to customers. We learned in Marketing that sometimes, in order to satisfy the customer, we have to anticipate features that the customers themselves have not even thought of.

Voila! Enter the new publicize FaceBook Image feature. Now, I no longer have to manually link you guys to my posts; you will be enjoying my blogs as soon as I finish them, with a picture to boot.

Their constant feature and theme updates are what keep me happy to be part of the WordPress community.

Publicize: Facebook -- Images Back in February, we launched Publicize: Facebook as a way to connect your account to your Facebook profile. In March, VideoPress added support for Facebook so that when using Publicize, your videos would get added to your Facebook update as well. Until now, we’ve neglected your images. Starting today, however, we’ll cherish your images as much as we already do your text and video; when sending a Facebook Profile update, WordPress.c … Read More

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