LeBron James

This is a bit late in coming, but after seeing the various reactions to the LeBron trade, I wanted to add in my two cents. First off, the hour-long press conference was totally unnecessary. I think pretty everyone can agree with me on this one.

LeBron should have just announced his team and been done with it. He didn’t need to waste everyone’s time, giving off the impression of pretentiousness. Sure, he’s one of the best right now, but really?

Second, I don’t think LeBron was wrong in choosing Miami over staying in Cleveland. His legal contract was up. There’s nothing that says he should stay in Cleveland, just because Ohio is his home state.

I thought that Cavs owner Gilbert’s open letter was biting and hilarious, understandable but unwarranted. LeBron no longer owes you anything. He fulfilled his part by playing his best, turning the Cavs from a joke team to a title contender.

Third, choosing Miami over Cleveland is going to hurt LeBron’s legacy. It’s a sign that he needs other superstars to win a championship. It shows that he’s unable to lead a group on his own, to improve the team as a whole.

This move signals that LeBron is giving up on the Cleveland franchise, something that would have launched him instantly among the legends if he had stayed and continued to develop the team into champions.

And finally, I’m excited by this trade, because all of a sudden, the power dynamics have shifted in the NBA. We’re going to looking at an amazing 2011 Playoff, and if the new Heat live up to its expectations, Lakers vs. Heat will be epic. Already looking forward to an awesome season.

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