Food Spotlight | Crepevine

The north side of Berkeley has an area called the “Gourmet Ghetto.” The restaurants here are generally the  nicer, pricier versions of the restaurants on south side.

Crepevine is a pretty popular Gourmet Ghetto restaurant. Their specialty is crepes – dessert and “savory” – but they also serve sandwiches, pasta, and omelettes.

I decided to go with a savory crepe – the Santa Fe (grilled chicken apple sausage with scrambled eggs, green onions, provolone and salsa fresca).

The plate was pricey, but came with a generous portion of salad and seasoned potatoes. Everything was very, very good. The food came out quickly, and the atmosphere was very relaxed. This would be a great introductory restaurant to the Gourmet Ghetto.

Really thin pancakes at

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