What’s Up | 07/09/10

Wow. It’s been a crazy week. I haven’t felt this busy since spring. It’s also been a while since I’ve woken up at 7 am on consecutive days to get to class. Good high school memories.

I started my UGBA 106 Marketing class with Robinson this week. I wrote in a previous post that I was a bit nervous about the class and professor – I had no idea what to expect, and Robinson is not exactly the easiest teacher at Cal.

However, my worries were for naught…I’m actually enjoying this upper-division business class MUCH more than UGBA 10. Maybe it has to do with the size of the class (~40 vs. 500 in BA 10). Perhaps the more interactive lectures. Or it has to do with actually seeing Robinson when he lectures.

Whatever the reason, BA 106 is turning out to be a pretty interesting and not-too-intensive class, at least not yet. I made a very good impression on Robinson the first day of class, because I was one of the few students who was not international and talked during discussion.

Since I’ve taken BA 10, I was used to being active in discussions, which was a great thing when no one else was willing to raise their hand and answer his questions.

The second day, the international students got to experience the wrath of Robinson firsthand, when quite a few didn’t do their homework or bring name cards. Just looking at their expressions/mouths agape, I felt kind of sorry. They’ll get used to it and learn that Robinson doesn’t take BS.

Today is my third day in BA 106, and Robinson is starting to refer to me as “Dr. Chen.” I have no idea what this means or whether it’s a good or bad thing, but he doesn’t seem to be mad when he calls on me, so I’ll just assume the best.

As for Media Studies, class is good as usual. Since this is the third week of summer class for MS10, I had a test today. I felt pretty good going into it. I knew my stuff. But it’s been awhile since I’ve written scholarly essays, so it definitely felt weird. Hopefully, the readers will follow my line of thought.

I’m also clocking in at The Daily Cal. Still working on those Press Passes. They’ve been a tough sell, but maybe I just haven’t contacted enough businesses. I’ll be working hard on that all the way to deadline, and I really want all fifteen of the spots taken by next week.

So my schedule this past week has pretty much been: wake up around 7 am, make some coffee, stumble into UGBA class around 8, muster enough energy to participate during discussion, stumble back to my apartment to nap or study, work a few hours at The Daily Cal until 2, bike over to north side for Media Studies until 5, come home and (attempt) to do homework and study.

This week marks the beginning of my busier summer. Gone are countless hours wasted in front of my computer. There’s class to go to, homework to be done, and work to finish. I have got to start sleeping before 3.

Oh yeah, as a final note, congrats to my roommate James for finally joining the wonderful world of Berkeley bicyclists.We drove almost 100 miles to pick up a nice Schwinn hybrid bike. James, this marks a new journey. Your eyes will be opened, your perception of time will change, and you will never have to depend on the bus again.

Looking forward to the chill weekend.

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