What’s Up | 07.05.10

Pepperdine University, Malibu. That's the Pacific Ocean in the background.

What did I do over Fourth of July weekend? Let’s see: road trip from Berkeley back to LA, church conference at Pepperdine University in Malibu, lunch with mom, and road trip back.

Drove back to LA Thursday night, got home around midnight, went to Malibu the next day for our yearly church conference at Pepperdine University.

Some highlights: the beautiful ocean view, hanging out and talking with friends about random stuff until the wee hours of the night, getting three hours’ sleep because of the aforementioned highlight, half-dozing off the next morning, and three hours of basketball…in driving shoes.

Oh, and the messages, of course. Our invited speaker this year was named Ernie. He’s a pastor from New York and we’ve had him a couple times during past conferences. What I like about him is that he’s very charismatic, funny, and good at coming up with useful metaphors to illustrate his points.

I remember the lesson from the first night’s message the clearest: there is a difference between skill of hand and integrity of heart. A person can be the most talented person in the world, but if that person doesn’t have inner integrity, then the talents are meaningless. In other words, be real. That’s something that I will continue to strive for.

Since we had to be back at Cal by Sunday night, I left conference a day early, ate lunch at Ten Ren with my mom, and drove back with my roommate James yesterday. We missed the fireworks, but the drive was still calming and scenic. Plus, I got to bring my betta fish with me this time, so now I have a pet in the apartment.

Tomorrow marks the start of Session D, and I’m starting UGBA 106, an upper-division business marketing class. I’m excited, because Marketing ranks high up in my future interests. I am a little nervous about the professor, Dave Robinson, who was also my UGBA 10 professor.

Other than that, this week is looking to be a pretty busy one. For work, this is the last week I’m selling space for our Press Pass discount cards, so I’ll be working against the clock to find enough advertisers. I have my first test for Media Studies 10 this Thursday. It’s 20% of the total grade, so I had better start studying.

Okay, time to do start on my Marketing homework. Yes, Robinson already gave us homework to do BEFORE the first day of class. I’m already looking forward to waking up at 7 am tomorrow.

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