Free Chair and Futon Ftw

That’s right. More free furniture to furnish our apartment. And now I finally have a bed. Sort of.

But let’s back up to yesterday. I was walking along the street in front of my apartment when I spotted an office chair, in great condition. Since it was next to the curb, I picked it up and brought it home.

It’s a great chair. Lots of cushion, plus a stylish mesh backrest, perfect for those hot summers.

Today, I ran across a Craigslist listing for a free queen-sized futon. It was located in Berkeley, so I emailed the owner. She was nice enough to disassemble it for me and drive it over to my apartment in her station wagon.

I still had to go to help her load the futon, but it was well worth the trip, because I now have a bed. And even if I manage to get a bed frame anytime soon, this could still go in the living room as a sofa.

Thanks again to James, Anna, and Hesung for helping me move the futon. Next items to acquire? A bed frame and dresser set.

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