What’s Up | 06/20/10

Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these. You know about my travels, readings, movies, and plans for the summer…what about about me? How am I doing?

Let’s talk about summer school. A lot of the responses I hear when I tell my friends and relatives is along the lines of, “Aw…that’s sucks,” or “There goes your summer.”

But I think otherwise. I look at it this way. I’m taking two classes, which is half the amount during the regular school year. Working 12 hours a week for the school newspaper (same amount of time as during the year). Plus, no extracurricular activities, namely ABA, which would usually take up a good 20 hours a week. So it’s chill.

To prove this, I just played a combined 4 hours of basketball the past two days, something that would only be possible for me to accomplish during the regular school year in the span of four weeks.

Another added bonus is that I get to move into my new apartment early. Let me introduce my apartment complex a bit. Called Piedmont Palace, this place is known for having the most spacious rooms south of campus.

And so far, everything checks out fine. No sign of anything in dire need of repair. A working fridge, plus a nice bathroom with a recently renovated bath tub.

I haven’t really met all my neighbors yet, but I know a lot of the people living here from my business club and my dorm floor last year. I’ve heard stories of how the family below my floor is known to complain about noise, even when it’s nonexistent.

Case in point: the lady just knocked on my door (it’s 2 am right now), and complained about “loud noises.” Thinking that she was mistaken, I asked what the problem was. And she went off about how she could hear us walking around, using the shower, and other stuff that I couldn’t have done, since I’ve been in front of my computer the past few hours.

I tried to be as genial as possible, shook her hand, and told her we would try to be more quiet. But I really hope this doesn’t become an issue during the year, because frankly, that’s just ridiculous. We’ll see how it turns out.

As for my apartment, I am currently bed-less and without furniture. I’m just sleeping on the ground, in my warm comfy sleeping bag, and a single desk light in the room. Tomorrow, I’m going to IKEA with my roommate to get some more lights and (maybe) some furniture.

But craigslist is the way to go. I found a nice IKEA bed set with Sealy mattress for only $100. Hopefully, I’ll buy the set after the person emails me pictures of it in good condition. I’m also looking for a good used road bike on craigslist, as my mountain bike broke near the end of the school year.

So other than the encounter with the neighbors, everything else has been smooth in my move to my apartment. My first summer class starts on Tuesday, so I’ll just be chilling the next few days and shopping around for apartment essentials.

Let Glen know if you have old furniture you want to give away at randomtidbitsofthought.wordpress.com.

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