Brentwood, Hiking, Traffic, LAKERS, Toy Story 3!

Today is my last day at LA before I head back up to Berkeley tomorrow morning. And what a great final day it was. Hanging out with Berkeley friends, hiking at Temescal Canyon, 2010 Champion Lakers, and going to watch the midnight showing of Toy Story 3 with my high school buddies. Perfect day.

Drove to LA in the morning to meet up with Dow, Jon, and Jessie for lunch at Belwood Bakery in Brentwood. We talked, watched the World Cup, and went hiking at Temescal Canyon. We took the short trail and hiked a mile or so to a bridge where there was a waterfall.

Truthfully, it was a baby of a waterfall, but we didn’t mind one bit, taking a break in the shade, enjoying the beautiful scenery, and chatting away. Soon, I was on my way back home.

By now, it was 3:30 pm, so there was heavy traffic on Sunset Boulevard all the way to the 405. By the time I actually hit the freeway, 30 minutes had already gone by. The freeway was no better. I’d say my average speed was 5-10 mph for most of my trip back home. Took me over 3 hours in what should have been a 40 minute trip. Gotta love the 10 and the 60. Especially with the Lakers game at the Staples Center tonight.

And tonight was the Lakers’ night. Dismal performance on both teams’ parts – not only an off-night for Kobe, but for pretty much everyone on the floor . But they pulled through. And you know what saved the day? Teamwork and perseverance.

Ron Artest was truly a godsend. You could just see it in his eyes that he wanted the championship so badly, and he played like a true champion. Gasol, making tough shots in the second half, Fisher with that beautiful three, and of course, Kobe Bryant.

It was pretty obvious that Kobe was having a bad game. He even said during the end-of-game interviews that sometimes, you want things so bad that they slip away from you. But I have to give props to the 2010 Finals MVP. He hustled, and even though he couldn’t make shots, he made (most of) his free throws and grabbed 15 rebounds. That’s what makes a player great. Contributing to the team no matter your rhythm.

I’m just so happy for the Lakers as a whole…they really worked hard this year and pulled through. Honestly one of the worst NBA Finals game I have ever seen, but I couldn’t be happier. Here’s to a championship 2011 season.

Whew. I’m all packed now. And I’m going a little later to watch the midnight showing of Toy Story 3 with my high school buddies. I can’t wait. Eleven years in the making…I’m confident that it will be amazing.

Okay, I’m going to end it here for now. I’ll be flying back to Berkeley around noon tomorrow. I have a weekend to move-in to my apartment, and I start my summer class the coming Tuesday. I can’t wait to have an awesome (rest of) summer!

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