Airplane Movie Reviews Part 2

So this time around, the airplane coming back didn’t have as many movies, plus I was pretty tired, so I watched two movies and slept. Reviews below.

Valentine’s Day – Wow, just take a look at the movie poster and all the stars in this movie. Very little character development, but an entertaining story and spot-on acting (not too sure about Taylor Swift, though). I usually don’t watch romantic comedies, so I don’t have a benchmark to compare this film to. 2.5/5

Tooth Fairy – starring the Rock of WWF/WWE fame, this fantasy comedy follows a hockey player forced to serve time as a tooth fairy because he tells his would-be stepdaughter that there are no such things as tooth fairies. Original story, decent acting by the Rock, and pretty funny. Plus, you get to see the Rock, with his bulging muscles, in a pink tutu. 3/5

I also want to talk about a book I read on the plane ride and train ride to Shanghai. It’s called Rising Sun, and it’s written by the late Michael Crichton of Jurassic Park and ER fame.

One of my favorite writers, and definitely one of the best science fiction writers. Instead of his usual science-related subject matter, Crichton focuses instead on the business world, so you can see why I wanted to read it.

In particular, Rising Sun is a murder mystery/thriller that also highlights the secretive Japanese business culture, which is worlds apart from conventional western business culture.

What I like about Michael Crichton is that he always manages to combine suspense and an educational experience in his books. I’m always entertained, and I always learn something new. This novel was no different and I would recommend it to people interested in the business world and action/suspense novels in general.

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