China Trip 2010 | 06.07.10 – Day 5 [World Expo]

Interagalactic, planetary...planetary, intergalactic...

Today was my fourth and final day at the World Expo. In the morning, we checked out of the hotel, dropped off our stuff at the train station, and stopped by the Expo for a few hours.

Since we only had a bit before taking the train to my dad’s place at Hefei, we checked out a few pavilions that wouldn’t take too much time.

Our first pavilion was the Hong Kong Pavilion. Nothing special, just a 3D short film of Hong Kong, a lot of walking up stairs, and a rooftop garden with a bunch of native plants.

Next, we checked out the Expo Culture Center. A huge UFO-shaped building, this behemoth has seating for 18,000, six stories, a bunch of fancy restaurants and nice shops, plus a rooftop observation deck. Seriously, this thing looked like a huge, floating city.

The people looked like ants.

Looking at the corporate shops such as the NBA store, it was pretty hard to connect the name of the Culture Center to the place. Still, we went to the observation deck, where we had a bird’s eye view of the city of Shanghai. The scenery was breathtaking. I could see pretty much all the pavilions in the Expo on both sides of the river. I’ll have a video up soon introducing the Expo from this viewpoint.

Afterward, we stopped for a quick lunch. Yummy beef patty with rice and veggies, plus green tea and Coke. Hmm…looks like I’m behind on my Food Spotlights. We’ll fix that in a bit.


After a brief visit to the Pacific Joint Pavilion, our final stop was the UN Joint Pavilion. We entered to see a video of Ban Ki-moon, the UN secretary general, welcoming us to the exhibit. We looked around at some displays and watched a film of musical performances from different cultures.

We left and headed to the train station. A few hours later, we were in Hefei, Anhui Province, meeting my dad at the train station. That’s it. Four days of the World Expo. It’s been an amazing experience, and I’ve learned so many new things, etc. The most important thing, however, was that I had a good time, and I got to share this time with my awesome relatives.

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