China Trip 2010 | 06.03.10 – Day 1

Ha…typing this up on my iPhone at the Seoul International Airport. I’ve been flying for 13 hours and traveling for a total of 18 hours thus far.

I woke up at 7 am, took the Metrolink to Union Station, and finally a shuttle to the LAX. Check-in was surprisingly a breeze…I guess the summer travelers haven’t started to pour in yet.

Had lunch with my dad, then we parted ways to our respective flights (very tough to get tickets for Shanghai, so his flight is transferring in Japan and mine in Korea). We’re meeting up at Shanghai.

During my flight, I watch a total of four movies and read half a novel. Plus a one hour nap. Not a bad use of time, I’d say. I want to do a quick review of the movies in a later post…I watched From Paris With Love, How To Train Your Dragon, Invictus, and Heath Ledger’s final (and unfinished) movie that I don’t remember the name to.

The food was pretty decent, actually impressive for airline food. It was my first time taking Asiana Airlines, and I have to say I’m happy with their service.

Right now, I’m in Seoul, Korea, waiting for my transfer flight to Shanghai. My iPhone clock says it’s 3:11 am, but it’s 7:11 pm over here. I’ll be boarding in half an hour.

I’ll leave it at that. Hopefully I’ll find a way to get around China’s block on Facebook and WordPress. I’m looking forward to a fun time learning new things and meeting family.

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