Irvine Adventures + Video of UCI Campus

Anteaters go "Zot!"

School’s out for summer. At least for the UC Berkeley kids. I’ve been chilling at my house the past week, but it’s been getting a bit repetitive, so I decided to visit my friends at UCI – Tim, Chris, Adrian, and Joanna. I crashed at Tim and Chris’s dorm for two nights and had a pretty fun time checking out the campus.

Tim and I drove down to Irvine Monday night and arrived at Mesa Court dorms around 11. I unpacked my sleeping bag and stuff, took a look around, and chatted with my friends. Lots of catching up to do…it’s only been a semester but there are just so many things that have happened.

The next day, I explored the campus with Chris and Tim, grabbing lunch at Pippin dining commons. The food was delicious…nachos and chicken alfredo. I went to the student store after to get some Anteater gear…zot! Chilled at the dorms for a bit, then grabbed dinner at Mesa Commons. More good food, plus the Magic/Celtics game.

After dinner, we watched the series finale of 24. Adrian dropped by, and we chatted for a bit, catching up and talking about our plans for the summer. I watched The Karate Kid (the original one) afterward because Tim and Chris needed time to do some homework, and also because I had never seen the movie before and I was curious how the new movie would compare.

The next day, we grabbed lunch, and I went with Tim to his music class lecture. The lecture was about R&B and Jazz music, and was pretty interesting but a bit drawn out. Plus, I’d learned a lot of the stuff already because I took a similar class at Cal.

Reading at the student store.

I stopped by the University Town Center, a shopping center, to grab boba with Julia, my ABA co-chair from Berkeley. We enjoyed awesome Cha for Tea and talked about summer.

After heading back to campus, I went to the recreation center to play some pool, foosball, and ping-pong with Tim and Chris. Had an awesome time destroying them at foosball.

Soon, we were driving to Diamond Jamboree, an Asian plaza in Irvine. We met up with Joanna at Guppy’s, had a delicious dinner, and chatted some more. It was time for me to head back home, but not without a final adventure. Joanna and I got lost on the freeway driving back, and after driving aimlessly for a bit, we finally made it back home.

Zot! at

I made a video of campus/UCI…check it out below!

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