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I went golfing with some of my friends again yesterday. After playing eighteen holes at the Arcadia Golf Course and skipping lunch, we were more than ready to have a bite to eat. Jared suggested Captain Crab, so we drove to San Gabriel for some good food.

Captain Crab is a seafood restaurant that is pretty similar to The Boiling Crab. You order seafood such as crab and shrimp, and they cook it, add seasoning and sauce, and serve it to you in a bag.

It was the last Wednesday of the month, so everything is half off if paid in cash. Good thing we went around 3pm, because the usual wait is ridiculously long. Even so, we had to wait a long time to be served, and the service in general was sub-par, probably because there were two waitresses working the entire restaurant.

Because everything was half-off, we decided to go all-out and order nearly everything on the menu. Fried soft shell crab, calamari, onion rings, fried okra, spicy chicken wings, sweet potato fries,  and a plate of raw oysters for starters. Everything was good and oily, just how deep-fried food is supposed to be.

Next came the good stuff. We ordered five pounds of king crab legs. Regularly priced at $18.99 a pound, the crab legs were DELICIOUS. And this is coming from someone who rarely eats seafood because he’s a lazy eater. The crab meat, along with the spicy Cajun and garlic seasoning and sauce, was a delight to the taste buds.

A linner for five people transformed into a banquet fit for kings. In keeping with that thought, we decided to get foot massages at the massage parlor next door. At $15 an hour, the message was definitely worth it. Had my shoulders, back, arms, hands, and feet massaged, while watching the Simpsons and dozing off in comfort.

It was quite a wonderful day.

Forget imitation crab at

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