Food Spotlight | UC Irvine Dining Commons

I went to visit some friends at UC Irvine over the past two days. I’ll have some awesome vlog and blog posts up soon, but for now, the food shall be the messenger.

UC Irvine dining commons food is not bad. Actually, it’s a lot better than the food I’ve had at UC Berkeley. I went to the Mesa Commons and Pippin for lunch and dinner several times. Each time, they had a wide variety of food, nice areas to eat, and even Dreyer’s ice cream.

The pictures should tell the rest.

Yummy nachos with several toppings.

Chicken Alfredo, made to order with your choice of fresh vegetables.

Lasagna with garlic bread and grilled veggies.

Shrimp Fried Rice, cooked to order.

More Irvine stuff to come at

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