Shaun of the Dead

Awesome, awesome, hilarious movie. Whether you like zombie movies, loathe them, or are just plain scared of the undead, this movie is sure to provide laughs and fun.

Starring Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (both also star in the excellent Hot Fuzz), this comedy follows a 29 year old low-life named Shaun who is going through a tough moment in life – he’s stuck in a lousy job, his stepfather hates him, his girlfriend just broke up with him, and his best friend is a lazy snob who plays video games all day and tags along his every deed.

To make matters worse,  an apocalyptic zombie uprising threatens to kill off the human race. It’s up to Shaun fix the world and his relationships.

Shaun of the Dead was dead-on funny. Its combination of British humor and ridicule of typical zombie movies made me laugh out loud. The zombies in Shaun’s world move exactly how they were intended to – slow. As opposed to zombies in typical films that always manage to catch up to the people they are chasing, these zombies just shuffle.

Memorable scenes in which Shaun and the gang throw vinyl records at the zombies, act like zombies to sneak by unnoticed, and wack a zombie to the Queen song “Can’t Stop Me Now” really make the movie. The dialogue is top-notch, too.

I would definitely recommend Shaun of the Dead to those looking for a movie that will provide a good time and lots of laughs. Watch it now!

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