How I Spent My Last Few Days at Cal

Thursday (5/13) – after my last final, I stopped by Peet’s for a Green Tea Frappe. Took a two-hour nap afterwards, had sweet dreams. Had my last dinner at the CKC dining common. The theme was BBQ Thursday, and my floormates and I ate outside with the chefs cooking on BBQ grills. For some odd reason, the dining common was giving away rubber duckies, the ones you see in baths. A water fight ensued, and everyone tried to ambush Dow. That night, I hung out with my future roommates and some ABA friends. We chilled at Kent’s place and watched YouTube videos and talked. Watched the midnight showing of Robin Hood afterward. Got home at 3.

Friday (5/14) – Woke up around noon, had an awesome sleep with nothing to worry about. Ate lunch with Dow at Peet’s, ordered a chicken sandwich, with the guac and grilled veggies. Oh, and another frappe, this time mocha. I needed to get rid of those mealpoints. After lunch, we met up with Jessie, Megan, Olga, and Josh, and we headed over to Shattuck to watch Iron Man 2. Did I mention I was supposed to be packing today? After the movie was dinner at the Clark Kerr lounge. It was a potluck, and a lot of floormates brought or made food. Delicious food, with Beard Papa’s for dessert (thanks Megan). Later that night, I met up with my InterVarsity small group and we drove to Fenton’s. Split a famous black and tan sundae with Jackie and just chilled. Started packing at 12, too tired by 3.

Saturday (5/15) – Was supposed to wake up at 9 today to pack, but overslept by an hour. Took the whole morning and most of the afternoon to pack. Had to move everything over to the apartment. Walked down to the RSF to spend the rest of my mealpoints on a carton of Muscle Milk (45 points ftw). Lugged it back up. Time was running out. Locked up my bike, said final good-byes to my floormates, and made the trek to the BART station by 4:30. Behind schedule by an hour, I hope for the best. Then I realize I have no cash for the airport shuttle. Fifty minutes left before take-off. Luckily, I find out I could just buy another BART ticket for the shuttle, and on the way to the bus, a random hobo tried to steal my ticket by pretending to be the ticket checker. I make it to the airport in one piece, with thirty minutes left. After checking in baggage and going through security, I arrive at the gate just as boarding starts. Perfect timing, but I’m exhausted. I didn’t have breakfast or lunch, so I munch on some peanuts during the flight. Pretty soon, the Sierras loom into view and I know I’m close to home. Home, finally. I arrive at my house, scarf down dinner, and enjoy.

It’s been an amazing year.

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