Iron Man 2

Tony Stark is a rock star. People love him. Iron Man has brought on a new era of world peace, and nothing can stop the man behind the suit, not even the US government.

And then the troubles begin. Tony is slowly dying from his own power source, as the palladium core is slowly poisoning his blood stream. A vengeful Russian named Ivan Vanko has duplicated Tony’s technology and has sworn to destroy Iron Man and his legacy.

To make matters worse, his trusted friend, Lt. Colonel James Rhodes, makes off with one of his suits and hands it over to the US military.

Fighting against time and all the cliches of a typical action movie, Tony must save the world, beat the bad guys, and save himself in the process.

So how was the movie? In two words, action-packed. Crazy explosions, machine guns blazing away, race cars being cut in half, a squadron of military drones shooting at Iron Man, more explosions. Iron Man 2 was an entertaining two hours and twenty minutes.

Sure, there was less focus this time on the story than on the action, but it’s still there and it’s good enough to complement the visual spectacle. Robert Downey, Jr. is as charming and likable as ever, and the one scene of Scarlett Johansson owning the bad guys was enough to make up for her negligible role in the movie.

All in all, Iron Man 2 does what it set out to do – to provide action and a fun time for moviegoers. I had a blast, and I would definitely recommend this one for the summer movie crowd.

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