Food Spotlight | Look You Fan Dim

Good old SoCal. After church on Sunday, I went to a restaurant in Monterey Park with some of my friends. Apparently, it’s their new place to eat. Called Look You Fan Dim, the restaurant has a variety of Chinese dishes at good prices.

For $4.50, I ordered a plate of Mongolian Beef. It was a pretty large portion, enough to share with several other people. The service was okay, but we did have to wait for quite a while, most likely because there was a big birthday celebration going on several tables away.

The food was decent, a bit on the salty side, but tasty nevertheless. My friends ordered Beef with Green Beans and Sweet and Sour Pork. Both weren’t bad, either.

The restaurant is definitely a good place for some cheap and good food. Once the service picks up, I would fully recommend that you guys check it out.

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