Update 05/17/10

Time to update the blog. The past few days have been a blur for me. They’ve been the happiest and saddest days of my life. Quite a contradictory period of time. But now I’m just stating the obvious.

So here’s what’s in store for you guys for my next few posts. Expect posts on Robin Hood and Iron Man 2, two movies I watched at Berkeley as soon as finals was over.

I just finished Shaun of the Dead, and it’s a hilarious movie. Review up soon.

I have more posts about my last few days as a freshman in  college, my thoughts about Clark Kerr, my school year, and my plans for the summer.

Oh, and I ordered a few more electronic gadgets, in particular new headphones and MP3 player, so I’ll have reviews up for those, too.

These will be an exciting few weeks, blog-wise, because I’ll actually have time to write quality posts. Of course, I’ll still have Food Spotlights up as well, since I’ve already gone to a few very good places in SoCal.

Looking forward to writing. Hope you guys enjoy!

Post barrage soon at randomtidbitsofthought.wordpress.com.

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