Robin Hood

Finals are finally over, so I decided to hang out with some friends and watch the midnight showing of Robin Hood at the United Artists Theater on Shattuck last Friday.

Directed by Ridley Scott of Gladiator fame, Robin Hood seemed to be an action-packed movie of epic proportions. I was right about the epic part.

The movie starts with Robin Longstride, as he is called, fighting in the Crusades with Richard the Lionhearted. He ends up in Nottingham and eventually leads an army against the invading French.

Wait. This is Robin Hood? What happened to his band of merry men? Sherwood Forest? Stealing from the rich and giving to the poor?

Turns out, this movie is a prequel to the Robin Hood movies of the past, showing how Robin Hood came to be the legend.

The starting siege scene was visually spectacular, with flying arrows, battering rams, and action galore. And that was where the action pretty much stopped. The rest of the movie focused on developing the storyline, with some excitement thrown in between.

In essence, Robin Hood is another Gladiator, a movie that feels and looks epic. Sadly, the lack of more action, the drawn-out storyline, and the weird modifications to Robin Hood himself made this movie disappointing. The only consolation is that the story itself was interesting to follow.

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