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With a ton of mealpoints left, I decide to do the sensible thing and eat out. Again. This time, I checked out Maoz Vegetarian, a Telegraph restaurant that just opened and has been getting pretty good feedback.

The place is strictly vegetarian, and their signature entree is the Maoz Sandwich – freshly baked pita bread and Falafel balls made of chickpeas. You order a sandwich and fill it up at the condiments bar, which has fresh salsa, veggies, and the like.

The sweet potato fries were also very tasty. The place had the decor of a Yogurtland and felt a bit cramped, but the people working there were friendly.

The manager said that this was the first Maoz restaurant on the West Coast – the restaurant originally opened in Amsterdam and has franchises in New York. Berkeley seems to be the perfect place for alternative and vegetarian restaurants to thrive, so it’s a good bet Maoz will be a successful business.

All in all, one of the best vegetarian dishes I’ve tried at Berkeley, and definitely beats the gross “vegetarian” dishes that our dining commons puts out.

Save a cow, eat a vegetarian at

  1. May 14, 2010

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