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Quick note: I’m going to start linking my Food Spotlights with Yelp. What better place to start than Bakesale Betty? Four and a half stars over 1836 reviews. The ratings speak for themselves.

When my roommate David first moved in spring semester, he’d always mention how he craved Bakesale Betty and how I should check the place out.

Today, after a semester of not heeding his advice, I decided to go with him and my other roommate, Daniel, as a sort of final roommate bonding.

I’m glad I finally went.

Bakesale Betty is a nondescript  sandwich shop located on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. Except usually, the line stretches down the block, but today, we were pretty lucky to have gone at the right time.

The place reminded me of the supermarket deli section, with people behind the counter making their signature offering: fried chicken sandwiches. The tables were colorful ironing boards. The menu was written on some butcher paper. Definitely an interesting place.

I ordered a fried chicken sandwich and grabbed some hot sauce. As I took a bite into the tender chicken wrapped  in coleslaw and bread, I knew why people were willing to wait hours for this. It was a sublime experience.

After finishing the sandwich, which didn’t take long at all, I decided to split a strawberry shortcake with my roommates. Fresh strawberries, heavy whipped cream, and cake. A perfect dessert for a perfect meal.

If you are ever in the Berkeley area, this is definitely the place to check out. Thanks, David.

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