Two Down, One To Go

I finished two of my finals today. My History 7B final was from 3-6 pm, and my Math 16A final was from 7-10 pm. I woke up this morning at ten…eight hours of sleep, something that doesn’t happen very often. Fired up my computer, looked over some readings, then chilled.

Around 1 pm, I couldn’t stay at the dorms any longer, so I headed to campus to grab some lunch. For the next hour and half, I relaxed some more and even stopped by The Daily Cal office. Took a ten minute nap there and was soon on my way to the first final at Haas Pavilion.

Haas Pavilion is where the Berkeley basketball team plays its home games. We took our final on the court. Pretty cool. I started the final pretty strong. Finished the first essay in a little over an hour. But midway through the second essay, my brain was mush and my hands felt like jello.

It was tough, but I finished within the three hours, ten minutes early. I had written twelve pages. Turned in my packet, picked up my graded research paper (happy about that one), and ate dinner at the Golden Bear.

I scootered back to my dorm, took a twenty minute nap, and scootered back to Haas Pavilion to take my math final. The questions were pretty easy. I went through the test in under half an hour, but spent another 45 minutes stuck on this one problem. But no worries, I’m doing pretty well in the class, so I should end up with a decent grade.

Whew. Two down, one to go. I’m going to chill tonight, study the whole day tomorrow for Music 26AC, finish that final on Thursday, and head back home on Saturday. My first year of college is closing in very quickly. Two more days.

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  1. May 11, 2010

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