A Day in the Life (Deadwoch3)

Before the trouble started to set in, I had an amazing Tuesday of Dead Week. Here’s what my schedule looked like.

9:30 am – Wake up, study for History final for two hours.

11:30 am – Drop by Music review session to turn in extra credit.

12:00 pm – Lunch at Thai House with Christina, a friend from ABA. Delicious Pad Thai, with Thai Iced Tea to wash everything down. Said hi to some other ABA peeps who happened to be at the same restaurant.

1 pm – Back to studying at the dorms, but tough to concentrate with food coma setting in. The bed is just so comfortable.

5 pm – Head over to the Clark Kerr dining commons to set up a movie for Hall Association’s movie night. Jumanji for the win.

6 pm – Running late, I rush over to Eshleman Hall to meet up for The Daily Californian sales team social. We drive to Emeryville and eat at The Elephant Bar. I order a delicious Chicken Medallion entree. Delicious coffee mud pie for dessert.

8 pm – Dropped off at Yogurtland for ABA Fall 2010 Cabinet social. We play some ice breakers such as Newlyweds. I’m too full to get yogurt.

9:30 pm – Bike over to Barney’s on College to meet up with my small group for Intervarsity Fellowship. It’s the end of the year celebration, and everyone is enjoying themselves and having a good time.

10:30 pm – Bike back to Haste to meet at an apartment for the last small group meeting of the school year. We do affirmations for everyone in the group, encouraging, thanking, and praying for them. We don’t finish until 2 am, and I enjoy (another!) slice of mud pie – coffee flavored.

2:30 am – Return to my dorm, realizing that I had once again forgone my studies. Oh well, it’s the second day of dead week. Carpe Diem.

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  1. May 6, 2010

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