Housing…Screwed Over…Again

When life gives you lemons, you can’t make lemonade, because you don’t have water, sugar, and a strainer.

Today, my future roommates and I were screwed over. Again. We had everything set with the lease for our apartment. We followed the landlady’s directions to the letter. We even MET with her today to go over the lease.

And what does she do? She gives the place to another group, and KEEPS our $160 application fee to add insult to injury. What started out as a pretty good day quickly soured, and now, I am frantically searching for a place before finals hit.

Full story: I contact the landlady several weeks ago about the place. It’s a great place, with big rooms, a nice neighborhood, and free parking. I manage to reach her by phone about once a week. She tells us to check out the place. We did. She tells us to fill out the app. We did. She tells us to pay the app fee. We did.

Today, she meets with us and goes over the leasing contract with us, WITH OUR NAMES PRINTED AND THE PRICES SET. Then, she makes some excuse about how she never got one of our apps because we faxed it over. We agree to email it to her and have the payment ready.

On her way out, she briefly mentions how another group was looking at the place, so we promise to hurry and send her the stuff.

She leaves, and an hour later, emails us that the place is taken, that the other group already paid. I sensed some dirty play, because why would you lead a group of kids on when you have another group that was already finished with the process? Oh, right. For the money.

So my roommates and I are planning to contact the Berkeley Rental Board to (hopefully) get our money back, and frantically search for a place before finals hit. Even though you can’t make lemonade when life gives you lemons, I believe that things like this happen for a reason.

Challenges make life a little more interesting, and you feel THAT much better once you overcome them. So now, I am going all out to make sure we’re not staying at People’s Park next semester. It would be cool if you guys could help out with suggestions, too. That is all.

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