Food Spotlight | Toust

Korean cuisine is nothing special at Berkeley. This was told to me by a Korean friend of mine. Nevertheless, there are a few places that are pretty decent, and Toust is definitely one of them.

Nestled between Bancroft and Durant, Toust is at the same area where Sufficient Grounds used to be: Sather Lane.

I ordered their Spicy Chicken with rice, and they do serve a large variety of authentic Korean food, complete with banchan. The food was good, the restaurant was clean, and the people were nice. Price was typical.

A thumbs up, and one of the better Korean restaurants around the Berkeley campus.

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  1. jodysheu

    hmm not as well known but SUPER cheap is Berkel Berkel…or is it Berkeley’s Berkel? hmm but i question how sanitary it is…

    • yeah, i’ve heard of berkel berkel, and my korean (former) roommate was suspicious. maybe i’ll check it out though.

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