End of School + Last BA Test

It’s hard to believe, but tomorrow is the last day of school. My first year of college is officially over. Next week is our “dead week,” seven days of studying before our finals week.

I can’t begin to express the things I’ve learned and experienced this school year. The days, weeks, and months just flew by. I’ll save my thoughts on Berkeley in an upcoming post.

For now, I am studying with a group of friends for my last UGBA 10 module exam. The mood is pretty relaxed, we’re chatty and enjoying the time. After tomorrow, we’ll be free from the clutches of BA 10. We can brag to incoming freshmen that we “survived” the class.

I’ll have a post soon about my thoughts on the class, and how it’s such an overblown class.

I found out that I will be ABA’s professional chair, along with co-chair Lisa Luh, for Fall 2010. I’m looking forward to a fun and busy sophomore year. For now, I’m just finishing up ABA Spring 2010 with multiple dinners, gift exchanges, and photo sessions. Post soon on thoughts about ABA.

So that was a quick update and what to expect in my blog over the next few days. Definitely a lot of stuff to write about, but very important themes and lessons that I want to express.

Oh, and look out for more food spotlight posts. I have a lot in store for you guys.

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