Food Spotlight | Smart Alec’s Intelligent Food

You know you’re at Berkeley when a restaurant serves intelligent food. Smart Alec’s was THE first restaurant where I had my first taste of non-campus food. I still remember it like it was yesterday: move-in day, the excitement, the throng of families with their starry-eyed freshmen.

I remember spotting Smart Alec’s at the corner of Telegraph and Durant, where everything was at. “Free food for good grades?” I marveled to myself while staring at their announcement.

The food was stellar, too. Delicious, freshly grilled cheeseburgers, crispy, air-baked garlic fries. The cornbread was to die for, and the salad wasn’t bad, either. I remember thinking to myself that I could get used to this place.

Two semesters later, after only two more stops, I entered the same doors again and ordered what I had ordered that first day of school. It was delicious, and as I talked to Sarina for Cab-Alums, memories flashed around me. Now to think of it, I was sitting at the exact same table as that first day.

Things work in mysterious ways. The boba milk tea afterward was great, too. Thanks Sarina!

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