My New Razor Scooter

Hello. It’s been three days since I’ve updated my blog. Which means I’ve had one of the toughest yet best weeks of my college career thus far. This weekend is my catch-up weekend for blogging, because I have so many things that I want to write about, including ABA banquet.

For now, I’m preparing for my Fall 2010 Cab interview, so I’m just going to write about a new addition to my modes-of-transportation family.

My bike is named Versato. I’ve been riding my bike the past year, on campus and outside of campus, rain or shine. I don’t go anywhere without it. It’s been great to own a bike…instead of walking for fifteen minutes to get to class in the mornings, I can bike downhill in four minutes.

Well, last Monday, my scooter arrived. I ordered a Razor A3 scooter off Amazon, the top-of-the-line one with a wheelie bar, improved shocks, and 125mm wheels. I’ve ridden it a few times already, and it’s been awesome scooter-ing downhill, hanging on for dear life.

I’m looking forward to a more varied and interesting way of getting to school now. I’ll probably pick which one to use based on my mood and the time.

Versato, meet Razor. Razor, Versato.

I’ll probably get a long board next at

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