Boat Dance

Last Thursday was the annual residence hall Boat Dance. This is one of the biggest RHA events, with thousands of people attending every year. This year’s theme was “A Soiree on the Bay.”

People were encouraged to dress up according to a 20s theme, so of course, I had to go with the suspenders and fedora hat.

I went with my floormates from Clark Kerr and met with my small group at the horseshoe to take a chartered bus to the yacht.

It was a nice yacht, much bigger than I had expected, with three floors, two for dancing. There was also a live jazz band at the lower floor.

I spent time on the top two floors, and even sat in the balcony on the roof. We saw the beautiful lights of San Francisco and enjoyed the festive atmosphere.

Soon, we were back at the loading docks, happy that we all had such a fun night. I’d say Boat Dance was a great success.

I'm on a Boat!

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