Food Spotlight | Bear’s Ramen House

I decided to stop by Sufficient Grounds for dinner there one last time. But alas! No more bread. No more potato salad. Such a sad way to say good bye.

My ABA buddies and I decided to get Bear’s Ramen House kimchi fried rice…a staple among Berkeley kids. Bear’s Ramen House is another Asian Ghetto restaurant, along with Gypsy’s, Thai Basil, and several other future food spotlight restaurants.

Tonight was the first time I tried the kimchi fried rice, cajoled by the ravings of many people. It wasn’t too bad. A bit on the salty side, but I did like the tangy kimchi taste, along with a sunny-side-up egg to top it off. The price was pretty standard for a Berkeley restaurant.

I’ll probably try it again in the future, because they were a bit rushed this time around and added a bit too much seasoning.

Photo credit goes to Chang L.

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