ABA Last Committee Meeting / Pubs Love

Tonight was the last Publications committee meeting for spring 2010. We put together something special for our committee kids – an epic photo scavenger hunt around Berkeley and Ici ice cream cake with goodies.

Played some games, gave a speech about how much Pubs means to me. But I felt that I didn’t have enough time express my thoughts in full. So here’s a mini-dedication to Pubs committee.

Phi – you’re an awesome guy. During our first few meetings, you seemed pretty distant, but you gradually opened up and I have to say that you’re a unique and fun person. Looking  forward to next semester IM basketball.

Cynthia – I still remember our one-on-one bonding at Toust pretty clearly. I was interested in how you spent last semester, and what it was like adjusting to Cal. I’m very impressed with all the work you’ve put in ABA.

Jay – Marketing committee ftw/future roommate. I got to know you much better this semester, and you’re a great guy to hang out with and just chill. Looking forward to many more boba runs in the future and late-night snacking. Good job in Pubs, too.

Christina – bringing the diversity to ABA. Your smile, outgoing personality, and friendliness was just what Pubs needed. Thanks for your work and for making the newbies feel welcome from the get-go. And thanks for corrupting innocent minds with your K-pop stuff.

James – Marketing committee/future roommate #2. It’s been an awesome semester, and you put in good effort and learned a lot. Looking forward to hanging out during the summer and fall. Thanks for your hard work and dedication to ABA, it really shows.

Eugenia – I still remember talking to you during Buddy Pizza Night, trying to convince you to try out for Pubs. I’m really glad you did, and I hope you learned a lot and had fun this semester. Rotaract is cool and all, but remember that we’re here for you, too!

Kent – the magic man. Loving those crazy tricks and bball skills. You definitely impressed me this semester with your hard work, creativity, and dedication. Enjoy Hillside, then move in with us. Asian Kobe ftw!

Jessica – last but not least. I saw you at a lot of ABA events last semester, and I figured you were in a committee. I was pretty surprised that you were a general member. “Wow, that’s some dedication,” I thought. I’m very glad that you chose Pubs. You’re a quick learner and always dependable. I’m impressed.

And of course to my dear co-chair, Julia – without you, Pubs would not be half as good as it is now. Thanks for your ceaseless dedication to the committee. All your work does not go by unnoticed, and Pubs was such a great committee this semester because you were always on task. Being friendly and positive helped, too. Here’s to the most awesome co-chair in ABA.

Again, congratulations Pubs. I hope you guys enjoyed this semester as much as I did, and I hope you guys will consider ABA for the fall. I’ll always be down for a hangout or a bite of food. Don’t be a stranger!

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