Dow’s Birthday Surprise Party

It was my friend Dow’s birthday on Friday. We decided it would be fun to throw a surprise party for her at her sister’s apartment, complete with a full seven course, homemade Italian dinner.

So we all dressed up and told her we were going out to a restaurant, while Megan and Jessie were at Dow’s sister’s apartment making the food. The friends with Dow, including me, had to somehow lead her to the apartment without raising suspicion.

Despite the horrible communication between the two parties, we managed to take her totally by surprise when the door opened and her sister came out with balloons.

Next came the delicious Italian dinner. Tasty, just-baked bread with cheese and cranberries. A surprisingly good, balsamic vinaigrette-laden tossed salad. Amazing lasagna, fettucine alfredo, and mushrooms. And heavenly mocha cake and cream puffs to top it all off.

I have to say, Megan, Jessie, and Dow’s sister Dow-Li really did a great job preparing the food. I was utterly impressed and on my way to food coma dreams by the time we finished.

The celebration was fun, too. Hope you had a good one, Dow, and here’s to many more Italian dinner celebrations to come.

The family portrait

Glen’s bad eating habits at

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