Thoughts on Mister Business

First off, I want to congratulate all the contestants in the 2010 Mister Business pageant. You guys all did an amazing job and represented your organizations well. I can only give you guys full props. Check out this intro video shown during yesterday’s event of the contestants.

With that said, I want to talk about some things that bothered me during the event, namely, the lack of sportsmanship. From this point on, I have to give a disclaimer that the views expressed here are of my opinion only and in no way represents the opinions of any organization.

I didn’t mind the boisterous cheering or the chant-offs. I didn’t mind the playful put-downs. It was all in the name of fun and competition. Healthy competition.

However, there reaches a point when it’s no longer competition, but just plain bad sportsmanship. Case in point: the pledge class of Alpha Kappa Psi all standing up and leaving the building AS the ABA finalist, Rahul, was getting his final question. If it wasn’t intentional, it definitely demonstrated an incredible lack of tact.

Leave in between acts and questions. Other groups did, and I don’t have a problem with that. I would totally understand. But don’t do it during the last question of the final round. That would be a dirty move, a lack of sportsmanship.

I’ve thought over this for a bit, so I’m not writing on an impulse. And I definitely have NOTHING against Alpha Kappa Psi as an organization. I really enjoyed Larry’s acts and thought he was a strong candidate overall. And I’m sure that AKPsi does an amazing job of preparing its members for success. What I want to say is that regardless of the circumstances, one should always demonstrate sportsmanship.

And yes, I understand the sentiments and accusations of “rigging” the competition. I understand that the business world is cutthroat. But it doesn’t have to be that way between campus organizations. Mister Business was a way of bringing these elements together, not splitting them apart.

Anyway, these were just my thoughts on some of the things that could be easily fixed. I myself will try my best to demonstrate professionalism towards others, regardless of campus affiliation. And I hope that others will be able to work to do the same.

Or maybe I’m just crazy at

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