Mister Business Recap

My first Mister Business event. Yesterday. I have to say, all the things I’ve heard about it, all the things that were hyped up, were all very true. Mister Business was a fun, loud, and successful event. I was impressed by the interest and turnout.

So what exactly is Mister Business? Basically, seven of the largest business clubs and frats send a representative to compete in a male pageant that displays their professionalism, social abilities, and talents. The winner gets crowned Mister Business and earns a sweet award package and bragging rights for the entire club/frat.

Since the reputation of the clubs and frats were at stake, there was a HUGE turnout. Each organization brought in tons of members and alumni, ready to shout and cheer to the death. It was quite entertaining to watch the chant-offs, huge signs, and general mayhem/team spirit. I felt that I was at a Cal football game. Indoors.

So the pageant started off with the usual segments: Formal, Costume, Talent, Professional. Instead of going into all the minute details, I’ll just talk about things that stood out to me.

Larry Guo of Alpha Kappa Psi performed a great hip hop set for his talent segment. He had impressive rhyming skills and even a rewrite of the rap portion of Linkin Park’s “In the End.”

Chris Lin of Delta Sigma Pi pretty much stole the talent portion of the show for his amazing comedic monologue in which he told a story and acted out all the parts. He reminded me of an Asian version of Jim Carrey and he really got the crowd going.

Rahul Deedwania, our ABA representative, showed some serious drumming skills by playing the tabla drums. Instead of drumming with hands only, tabla drums emphasize the fingers. So it looked like he was almost playing a piano drum.

The end was what sealed the deal for ABA. The Professional segment involved each contestant answering business-related questions presented by the judges. While some of the contestants stumbled and others did a decent job, Rahul really shined.

Finally came time to reveal the three finalists: Chris Lin of DSP, Jaime Lai of Phi Beta Lamda, and Rahul Deedwania of ABA. The final question was along the lines of “Explain the current economic situation in Greece and what you would do to fix it.”

All three did an admirable job answering, but Rahul knew his answers down pat, to the bare numbers and statistics. Naturally, Rahul was crowned the 7th Annual Mister Business, with Chris Lin winning the popular vote and Juan Pablo Feregrino of the Latino Business Student Association awarded Mr. Congeniality.

All in all, the 7th Annual Mister Business was a great success. And the best part was that it brought together business and non-business majors of all walks of life, while raising money for a good cause.

I was impressed by the organization, and I have to give props to Social Committee and co-chairs Ana Duong and Christina Oh for putting the time and effort into the event.

Sure, the event wasn’t perfect, and there were definitely a few issues that I will talk about in my next post, but overall, I had a fun time and I’m looking forward to next year’s Mister Business.

This year’s Mister Business Rahul summer it up best when he said, “Honestly, I really think that all the credit goes to the dedication of the Social Committee for putting on this event. Everyone had a great time and all the organizations had a good time.”

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