What I Do Instead of Homework

It was one of those cold, serene nights. Huge lights cast an eerie glow over the ground. The chain link fence rattled against the crushing force of the wind, holding on for dear life as sounds of leather contacting cement reverberated in the night.

As the wind picked up, so did the intensity of that sound. Shuffling and rapid footsteps could be heard in concert with the echoes. A shout of exasperation, the clang of leather bouncing off metal.

Soon, the storm hit. As rain started to drift lightly down, feet began to slip, but the dribbling continued. Sheets of rain pulsated with the rhythm of the wind. The echoes of the dribbling and shots slowed slightly, but the determination stayed.

After what seemed like an eternity, the final shot of our second game of 21 went in. My two roommates, Daniel and David, and I were relieved that it had finally happened. We walked slowly back to our dorm, backs sore and bodies aching, but heads held high in our personal victories against the elements.

I love basketball.

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