Goodbye, SoCal…Till We Meet Again

Yesterday, a group of my high school friends and I visited another friend who had just moved to Palos Verdes. We hung out, ate a delicious lunch at Ruby’s, and checked out the amazing seaside view. Some pics from the expedition:

It’s been such a great spring break. I can’t believe it’s over. Today was my homework/study/packing day, and I’m glad to say that I accomplished a bit of each. I’m still a little stressed about the UGBA module exam on Monday. Seriously, who does that? Robinson, I guess. Looking forward to summer school in his class too…

Packing was definitely fun, because I made a Costco run today and bought tons of food to bring back to Berkeley. The entire bottom half of my suitcase is filled with assorted bites. Will be interesting getting the suitcase through security. Hopefully the workers understand the predicament of a college kid with no car to drive.

Speaking of cars, I spent the entire break driving my parents’ cars. I haven’t been able to drive my own car since the start of the school year, due to my parents taking it off insurance. I miss driving Baxter terribly, so I decided to start up the engine and just reminisce on the good old days. Fingers crossed for next year.

My flight’s at 8:35 in the morning. I have no idea why I’m up. I’m looking forward to a safe trip back to Cal, a month and a half of school, and summer break. I miss you SoCal, but only till we meet again.

Southwest for the win at

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