Malibu Beach + Hella Good Food

Ah. Spring break. Chill days. Good food. Hangout with friends. The life. Homework, you may ask? Why yes, I have a lot to do. No, I haven’t really been doing it. Yes, I am going to flip out this weekend.

Yesterday was my “catchup” day. Notice how I used the quotation marks – that notates that I didn’t do squat. It was still pretty relaxing though. I just chilled at my hotel room, and watched the Laker game and grabbed some dinner with Jared, a friend from church.

Today, I spent the morning doing some homework reading. I ate lunch with my mom at Red, a restaurant at our hotel.

I ordered a 10 oz. Rib Eye Steak, cooked medium of course. The steak didn’t disappoint – juicy, tasty, and just plain delicious. I spent some quality time with my mom, and enjoyed good food and the beautiful outdoors in the process.

After lunch, I headed to Malibu to meet up with Dow, Jon, and Jessie, some of my floormates from Berkeley. Getting there was quite an adventure.

It took about 50 minutes to hit Pacific Coast Highway. From there, amid traffic and distractions from the beautiful ocean view, I searched for Point Dume Beach. Couldn’t find it. Eventually, I found out that I had passed the beach by several miles, and I finally made it, nearly two hours after leaving home.

The beach was amazing. It wasn’t the sunniest or nicest day, but being away from SoCal and its beaches for so long, it didn’t really matter. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

We did the typical beach activities: paddleball, football, sand forts, running around the tides. We even watched the sun set over the water. It was a calming and pretty sight.

Soon, we were eating dinner at Howdy’s Taqueria, a popular fast food restaurant in the Malibu area. I ordered their classic burrito and enjoyed a cup of horchata.

Hot chocolate at Starbucks after, then it was back to West Covina. I drove almost 200 miles today, and it felt GREAT. I love driving. And driving next to the beach was an added bonus to a fun day.

Spring break is almost up. I’m pretty bummed that it was so short, but I feel that it’s going by so quickly because I’m having such a good time.

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